Oct 8, 2015

Fall Trends 2015 - Bucket Bags

Bucket bags. They are everywhere, including high end designer lines. They are definitely the "it bag" of the season. If you've read this blog for a bit, you know how much I love structured and small bags.

With a baby, the small bags aren't cutting it for me anywhere. I don't want to lug a giant diaper bag everywhere but I don't want to cram my tiny bags with diapers, wipes and sanitizer.  I'm wavering between getting a slouchy satchel or a bucket bag. Yes, you read that right. This structured bag freak just said that. My, my, how the times have changed.

Bucket bags are in trend right now but most of them look so similar. And boring. I love bucket bags that have a little jazz to them. Here are a few refreshingly unique pieces that I'm eyeing!

I adore this minimalist design of this bag. Thin straps and clean lines make this a very stylish bag. The tassels add some interesting detail to an otherwise plain bag. I also love the beautiful mustard yellow color. Perfect for fall! Shop this bag from NastyGal.

Vegan Bucket Bag

If you want a non-boring black bag, consider this bag from Deux Lux. The inside of the bag is bright teal felt. I love the pop of unexpected color. The bag has a beautiful chain detail on its adjustable strap. Love it! Buy it here.

Deux Lux faux leather bucket bag

If you are a "go bold or go home" kind of girl, check out this gorgeous BCBGeneration Patchwork bucket bag. The geometric design should go perfectly with the aztec inspired Fall pieces.

BCBgeneration Patchwork Bucket Bag

Edgy girls, I've got you covered. This MBMJ bag has a biker vibe to it, thanks to the moto inspired zip detail! I love the black and silver but I wish the bag was available in a lot more colors :(

MBMJ Bucket Bag

I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I neglected to mention the other big trend this season - Fringe. It's on clothing, it's on bags, it's on shoes, it's on everything. I LOVE this gorgeous Burberry fringe bag but that's too high a price range for me. It's so beautiful though, the suede, the mustard color, the beautiful fringe and the discreet classic burberry check underneath. (heart).  I also love this (much more affordable) Mercules Fringe Bag. I love the embellishment on it! And the black color with the navy fringe.

Burberry Fringe Bucket Bag

Mercules Fringe Bucket Bag

Here are a few more of my favorite bucket bags. Some bag eye candy for you ;) Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend!!

Oct 2, 2015

Mom Makeover

I'm featuring a very special person on my blog today! My mom was here the past few months to help with the baby. We were too caught up with baby stuff to just have fun, just the two of us. One day, the baby decided to bless us with a two hour long nap and I decided to give my mom a makeover. And then take artistic pictures :) We had so much fun!! My mom had a great time getting glammed up and I had an even greater time practising all the makeup tricks I've learnt. Without further ado, here are the pictures!


Milani Blush in Delizioso pink
Revlon Lip Stain in Smitten

My mom is a "wash face and go" kind of person, so I doubt she's going to maintain a full face routine but she was quite taken by the UD mascara. She loved it so much that I sent it with her to India :)

Hope you enjoyed this little makeup adventure of mine! See you again next time. Have a happy weekend!!

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Sep 25, 2015

Postpartum Bodies and Some Recommendations!

I'm back today with some chitchat about my postpartum body and a list of clothes that you MUST buy if you are a new mom.

Truth is that I'm still several pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I don't fit into any clothes I had before and this led me to wear my now-baggy maternity clothes everywhere. I felt fat and frumpy and  just not very good. I ordered at least 20 items from Old Navy and Gap and had to return them all because nothing fit well. Even the cashier must have known how bad I felt because she commented on how hard it is to dress your post-partum body.

Then one day recently, I read this - stop focusing on "going back" to your old weight and instead try to "find a new normal". I thought this was a refreshing way to look at post-partum weight loss. Why should I try to get back to xyz number? I've carried and given birth to another human being. Of course my body is going to be different! Why the mad race "to get my body back"?? I want to find a new number that I'm comfortable with, works with my new lifestyle, makes me look and feel great. It doesn't matter to me if the new number is higher or lower than the new number.

While I work on finding my new number, I realized that I could spend just a little money to make myself look good. I bought a couple of tops and pants in my current size. Nothing too expensive or fancy. Just enough so that I look good and put together while I head out. Well fitting clothes (even in a bigger size) make me feel way better than trying to stuff myself into ill-fitting pants in my older size. I strongly recommend these pieces because they are SO forgiving of my mommy tummy and are quite slimming.

Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans (40% off now)

These jeans are so comfortable and they fit so well. They sit a bit higher than the usual low rise, so they help keep my c-section bulge contained. The denim is really soft and just a tad stretchy.  

Old Navy Mid Rise Harper Trousers

I adore these pants. I got them in the leopard print. It's not too crazy. Pretty muted! I love the comfortable mid rise, the soft and stretchy material and the extra length on the "tall" size. Must buy, for sure!! I definitely want a couple more colors.

Old Navy Pixie Pants

I have a love-hate relationship with these pants. While I love the cute designs, the comfortable material and the cost, I hate that they are so short. I bet they look cute on others but it's not a good look on me. On a whim, I ordered the tall size (I'm 5 ' 4.5") and now they fit perfect!! The black polka dot one is going to be very versatile , I bet.

(pictures above)

I tried on a number of tunics but they weren't flattering at all. This is how horizantal stripes should be done. I have these in navy and white and I love them both and wear them all the time. SO flattering. The only thing I dislike about them is the boat neck. Nursing bras have pretty thick straps and the boat neck doesn't cover them perfectly but I don't even worry about it because this is the only top that looks good on me now. I can't wait for Gap to release this in more colors and designs!!

Old Navy Soft Pants

I don't know why I never got these last year. I found them in clearance this year and I'm in love. These pants are so soft and so cute. And I love that they don't have an elastic hem. Love them!! Just get these soft pants in a neutral color and you're good to go!

Old Navy Loafers

Lastly, not a post-partum related purchase but I love these new loafers I got from ON. They are very much in style right now and I was getting a little tired of my leopard loafers from Target two years ago. Loafers and burgundy are all the rage for fall and it's fun to indulge in a current trend without spending too much! 

That's it for now. Hope you have fun with these clothes and they make your post-partum dressing just a little bit easier. And remember, aim for a new normal!!

Sep 3, 2015

Crave/Save Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

I've been obsessed OBSESSED with this Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. Look at those lines. SO beautiful. Sigh. If I could just have one bag for the rest of my life, I'd pick this. Wait. Scratch that. I could never live with just one bag. Could you? Anyway. Back to how gorgeous this bag is and how unaffordable it is (sad panda).

I do not have $2750 to spend on a bag. Do you? (If yes, go buy it and send me pics)

If you love the design , check out this beautiful Kate Spade bag - the Holden Street Olivera.

The base of the handles are inside rather than outside. The KS has extra gold hardware. But I rather like the simple lines. The gold hardware brings a dose of elegance of this bag. I think it has a beautiful "inspired-by" feel to it. Definitely check this out if you're looking for a classic satchel inspired by the Saint Laurent!