Nov 11, 2015

A new favorite - Brazi Bites Review

Hi!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali!! May love and light fill your life this coming year. If you followed me on instagram, you saw my "from a box" wedding anniversary cake and my store bought Diwali sweets. Actually just sweet. We only got Rasmalai. I want to do so many things in the kitchen but I rarely get time other than to rustle up three quick and simple meals a day. Now that we incorporate  more store bought food in our diet, I've put in a lot of effort to find the ones with no artificial preservatives and that are really really healthy. Trader joes and Costco are my go-to stores for these finds. Today I want to talk about one such product.

Recently, I was approached by Brazi Bites, a cool new food company based out of Portland. I love to support companies from the Pacific Northwest and companies that pride themselves in putting out healthy products. And I love to support up and coming businesses. These guys are going to be on Shark Tank, ABC's show on November 20th, featuring entrepreneurs and their start ups. So obviously, they are brand new!

A natural food company that's just starting out. Sounds great but what did the goods look like? I took a look at their ingredients.

Cheese, tapioca flour, water, milk, eggs, oil. 

That's it. With these, the couple behind the company created these soft pillows of air called Brazi Bites (it's a very popular snack in South America, where the founder is from!)

There are four flavors, three of which are vegetarian and I got to try them out. You get a frozen pack of dough balls that you simple bake in a 400F oven for 15-20 minutes. 

Baking mat

What you get are these little puffy balls that are so light and amazing. They make a wonderful snack. They are gluten free and soy free and vegetarian. You could do a little peanut sauce or sriracha/mayo on the side. I wanted to but once I ate a couple, it was so addictive and light that I didn't need a sauce. My favorite is the jalapeno pepper jack. What can I say, I like my spice!

You can use these to make little sliders. You can sprinkle nuts and seeds on top.You can eat them with soup. The possibilities are endless.

Brazi Bites will be available for purchase at Costco in the freezer section by the end of this week. I hope you try them out and I hope you love them like I do.

FTC disclaimer - I was sent the products for my honest opinion and honestly, I love it! I was not compensated otherwise.

Oct 29, 2015

Halloween Makeup 2015

Hello! Halloween is here. I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween! I'm very much into makeup looks rather than costume because costumes can get expensive. And I have a ton of makeup that I'm itching to use. Win-win! The year before last, I did a part sugar skull- part siren makeup. Last year, I was in the throes of morning-sickness so I was so sad to miss the festivities. This year, I co-ordinated with my baby. She went as Harry Potter and I decided to go as her patronus - a stag. There are a ton of doe inspired makeup tutorials, so I just improvised from there.

Steps -

1. Wash and moisturize your face and neck.

2. Using a black eyeliner (I used Nyx), draw an outline on the outer edges of your nose. Connect it to the eyebrows and darken your eyebrows with the same eyeliner.

3. Color the nostrils and the tip of your nose with the same black eyeliner.

4. Apply a black eye shadow all over the lid. I used the black from the maybelline nude palette.

5. Blend towards the crease of your eyelid with a clean brush dipped in a matte brown eye shadow. I used the shade "chocolate cookie" from the Too Faced matte palette.

6. I added false eyelashes just to enhance the big eye'd effect. I used the ones from Katy Perry. This is a great starter kit if you're just getting into false eyelashes.

7. I applied black eyeliner over the band of the false eyelashes and added multiple coats of mascara to blend the lashes with my natural lashes. I used Benefit they're real. It's an amazing mascara!! I'm on the hunt for a more volumizing one but this is the best one I've tried so far.

8. Now onto the lower eyelid and lash line! I lined the waterline with a nude pencil. I used Rimmel Scandal Eyes in nude. Now using the same pencil, draw on the lower eyelid below your waterline.

9. Now draw an outline with a black liner on your lower lid, far from your actual waterline. Because you added the nude liner, it's seem like your eyes are way bigger, like a deer.

10. I tried my best to cover my lower eyelashes with the nude liner but it wasn't very successful. You could also draw some lashes below the lower lid liner but I skipped that.

11. Now to get the velvetty brown skin, I used a very deep bronzer, from NYX. Apply some thick lines on the forehead and below the cheekbones on either side. Then blend, blend, blend.

12. Add a highlighter, I just used the other end of the Nyx contour stick and highlight above the brown in the cheek and below the brown in the forehead.

13. Using the nude eyeliner, mark some spots on your cheeks and forehead. (Not all species of deer have spots but some do, I checked, lol). Using the same nude eyeliner, shade the region between the two black lines in the bridge of your nose. Blend the shading on the nose a little.

14. I applied a brown lipstick with shimmer. Some people color the upper lip all black. I decided to do a glamorous deer with lipstick, haha. I used a brown lipstick from Maybelline in Crazy for Coffee (great nude lip color for everyday!!) and layered a coppery bronze Covergirl lipstick over it.

15. I added a headband with reindeer antlers that I got from Amazon. That's it.

It sounds like a long process but it took me maybe 15-20 minutes. I love makeup looks like these where I can go dramatic because most days I tend to skip makeup or keep it really simple. I also love the idea of adding in fun accessories and makeup to denote a character as opposed to going with a costume. It really keeps down the cost and let's face it, if you have the time, it's a lot of fun to dress up.

I hope you enjoyed this look and the post. Do you love halloween? Do you love to dress up? I have a few friends who hate halloween, which so alien to me. What about you?

Oct 17, 2015

Kate Spade F&F Sale

A quick post to inform you that Kate Spade is having its Friends and Family sale and there are some great deals on the site! I ordered the Cobble Hill Devin for myself. It's a bigger cross body than the Philip Lim for Target and I definitely need a bigger bag to help with the baby stuff.

Here are some of my favorite picks!

The coupon works on all things on the site, so you can get home goods or jewelry for a solid discount especially from the sale section.  If you order something, do share it with me. I'll post pictures of my bag once I get it. So excited!

Oct 8, 2015

Fall Trends 2015 - Bucket Bags

Bucket bags. They are everywhere, including high end designer lines. They are definitely the "it bag" of the season. If you've read this blog for a bit, you know how much I love structured and small bags.

With a baby, the small bags aren't cutting it for me anywhere. I don't want to lug a giant diaper bag everywhere but I don't want to cram my tiny bags with diapers, wipes and sanitizer.  I'm wavering between getting a slouchy satchel or a bucket bag. Yes, you read that right. This structured bag freak just said that. My, my, how the times have changed.

Bucket bags are in trend right now but most of them look so similar. And boring. I love bucket bags that have a little jazz to them. Here are a few refreshingly unique pieces that I'm eyeing!

I adore this minimalist design of this bag. Thin straps and clean lines make this a very stylish bag. The tassels add some interesting detail to an otherwise plain bag. I also love the beautiful mustard yellow color. Perfect for fall! Shop this bag from NastyGal.

Vegan Bucket Bag

If you want a non-boring black bag, consider this bag from Deux Lux. The inside of the bag is bright teal felt. I love the pop of unexpected color. The bag has a beautiful chain detail on its adjustable strap. Love it! Buy it here.

Deux Lux faux leather bucket bag

If you are a "go bold or go home" kind of girl, check out this gorgeous BCBGeneration Patchwork bucket bag. The geometric design should go perfectly with the aztec inspired Fall pieces.

BCBgeneration Patchwork Bucket Bag

Edgy girls, I've got you covered. This MBMJ bag has a biker vibe to it, thanks to the moto inspired zip detail! I love the black and silver but I wish the bag was available in a lot more colors :(

MBMJ Bucket Bag

I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I neglected to mention the other big trend this season - Fringe. It's on clothing, it's on bags, it's on shoes, it's on everything. I LOVE this gorgeous Burberry fringe bag but that's too high a price range for me. It's so beautiful though, the suede, the mustard color, the beautiful fringe and the discreet classic burberry check underneath. (heart).  I also love this (much more affordable) Mercules Fringe Bag. I love the embellishment on it! And the black color with the navy fringe.

Burberry Fringe Bucket Bag

Mercules Fringe Bucket Bag

Here are a few more of my favorite bucket bags. Some bag eye candy for you ;) Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend!!